William and DarylNKUBAR (pronounced, In-Ku-Bar) starts with the friendship between two kindred spirits, Daryl, a returning son of the African Diaspora from America and William, a son from the Fante tribe in Ghana. One evening in 2018, we made a creative connection when I shared my idea for a shea butter product with William, which prompted William to ask me if I was familiar with the meaning of the Adinkra symbol ‘Sankofa', which means reaching to the past to move forward. William said Ghanaians and other Africans are embracing their traditional skin care heritage of using handmade shea butter for their skin care needs and suggested “Nku” as the name of the brand. "Nku" means shea butter in the local Akan language, Twi. At that moment we both knew that we wanted a company that creates products to honor African traditions updated for the 21st century. So I decided to add “bar” to Williams “nku” suggestion and thus NKUBAR was born. The Adinkra symbol "Donno Ntoaso" used in the NKUBAR logo symbolizes the common component that unites the global African diaspora, the rhythm of the drum.